Saturday, December 28, 2013


Here are the things I would like in 2014:

Poppy I have already talked about wanting to qualify for NAL finals.  It seems to be rather impossible but I am still throwing it out there.  My goal with her is more mileage and consistency at 1.10m & 1.15m.

Ketel get him going back in a program when we get more daylight. Work on flat work, continuing to canter courses, and work on lead changes.  He needs to improve his balance which will come as we improve the flat work.  I want to show him in the spring and begin marketing him.

Tank I don't know.  I'm considering trying to sell him again. I just don't have time to ride and show him and feel like it's not fair to him.  I just hate dealing with the selling aspect.

Hobbs & Cotton don't really have goals but to enjoy life as the resident retiree and pasture ornament.  Although husband keeps talking about getting a cart to teach Cotton to drive.  I try my best to keep a straight face...

Me.  I want to get more consistent in the show ring.  I need to make decisions earlier.  I also want to improve my blogging.  My goal is to learn how to insert tabs.  How do I do that???  This computer idiot needs help!!!


  1. Like tabs at the top of the page? In the format there is a place to add pages and that will give you the tab at the top :)

    Send Tank to CA, I'll take him for ya :)

    1. Yes! Thank you I have been trying to figure it out for soooo long. Thank you thank you!! And for that come get Tank :)

  2. Looking forward to reading more about your riding adventures in 2014!

  3. Your new tabs look great! And I like your list of things to do (not goals!) next year :-)