Wednesday, March 12, 2014

YHS horse show

Up at 4:45 am to get dressed, feed horses, morning barn chores, bathe Luxxx, and be on the road by 6ish.  I got him bathed with only an initial explosion.  He loaded fine then tried to turn around and exit.  Trying to get a horse locked in by yourself while they want off the trailer is not fun.  I succeeded with only minor scapes and figured I would assess him for damage when we got to the show (he was fine).

My friend that was going with me had a work emergency and couldn't go.  Fortunately I knew others who were already going and offered to help.  Plus Luxxx's breeder would be there.  I barely got him unloaded when the braider had to start braiding him.  Fortunately a friend was able to hold him while I parked and unloaded my necessities.  A few braids shy of being done and they were calling him early to the jump chute.  So we hurried up and then waited forever at the chute (typical of shows, hurry up and wait).  Luxxx did your typical "baby's first show" behavior.  Spooking at everything,   climbing on top of me, screaming, pawing, etc.  For the warm up it was a basic practice through the chute.  He's already well trained with it so he was good.  It was a nice class to get him out and accustomed to the ring.  They have professional handlers that take the horses through the chute.  You just hand them over at the gate.  That was at about 9:30am...

Our 3 yo jump chute class did not go until almost 5pm!!!  It gave him time to settle in and me to spend a beautiful warm day in Ocala watching gorgeous youngsters being shown in hand, jump chute, and some classes riding.  It was fabulous!  There was not one horse that wasn't drool worthy.  Well one, until I saw her jump.  I'm not a fan of paints and she was small (large pony sized) but oh my did she jump well!  So no, not one horse who wasn't drool worthy!

When our time came he was cool and relaxed.  Completely different horse from the morning as we stood and waited.

He scored 8 out of 10 possible points which qualifies him for the finals at the end of the year.  He also came in 4th place!!

I didn't get home until 9pm and still had to do barn chores then get up and go to work today.  I'm tired and a bit out of it but had to share this.  I am so incredibly proud of Luxxx!  More later...