Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Adventures of a Wild Mare

I haven't uploaded the videos of M's pinto mare from the show November 8th yet.  I will share with you that she got around all of her courses despite some spectators climbing on and leaning against the railings of the stands.  That was scary stuff for a 4yo.  I will spare you from my rant on how unacceptable this was for the gate steward to allow.  I will save that for my post on differences between rated and non rated shows around here.

Back to pinto mare...I don't feel inclined to upload her videos since I don't have to continue to post sale videos of her for M.  She is sold!!!  This has me so excited because a friend bought her so I will continue to get to see her.  And Luxxx will be happy as he has claimed her as his.  I can't wait for her to have a name!

(I needed a pic to break up all the text)

You may be tired of me griping about riding in the dark, I know I am.  Husband crunched some numbers to install stadium lights for me and that shit costs $8K plus!!!  Heck no, I want my all weather arena first.  So he found a less expensive solution and I now have some mega spot lights.  Just one up so far is enough to ride.  With the second one up (hopefully this weekend) I should have enough light to even jump!!

This can't come fast enough.  We had cooler temps on Saturday, combine that with minimal riding and it was the perfect scenario for Poppy to test my stickability.  Or maybe she was showing me that she could double as a rodeo bronc.  Whatever her motivation, she was hardly rideable.  After I was exhausted and she was a sweaty mess I called it a day.  I cancelled my planned trail ride on Sunday and planned to work her again.

I was then hesitant to get on baby Luxxx.  If my extremely broke horse was wild how was the 3 yo going to be???  I lunged him and he offered nothing silly, no bucks, nothing.  You know that means he is saving it all for when I get on right??  But no, he was perfect.  We worked without draw or side reins and he was relaxed, soft, and moving up into my hands.  He is already learning to rock back onto his hind while moving forward.  He is doing well with legs yields at the walk.  He's not ready to try at the trot yet.  His downward transitions are still abrupt but I'm not complaining.  Good brakes on a baby isn't so bad!

I rode Poppy again on Sunday.  We did a lot of flat work, counter canter, bending, circles, etc.  She was perfect.  Then I started jumping and she was... let's just say full of herself.  I love that she loves to jump but I really have to get her back on her program and leveled out.  I also think she is bored at our current division so there's that decision to make.

It's the end of the show year, don't forget to renew your USEF and UHJA memberships!


  1. so exciting about the pinto mare finding a new home! and silly Poppy - getting shown up by baby Luxxx... hopefully she get's back with the program shortly

  2. Woo! Glad pinto mare is sold and glad you have lights and glad luxx was good :)

  3. Holy shit balls, lights are expensive!!

  4. Congrats on having some lights put up so you can ride... my barn has an indoor but no lights outside, which stinks because the outdoor is three times the size of the indoor!!

  5. Yay for lights & gorgeous pinto mare selling. I hope your friend has loads of fun with her.
    Silly Poppy testing you like that, Luxxx sounds like he is coming along very nicely ☺