Monday, October 14, 2013

Gorgeous Weekend

It seriously could not have been a prettier weekend.  I spent all day Saturday in the barn with the horses (does it get any better than that?).  

Poppy was good.  She continues to be full of herself.  I just think she believes she is Ms. Thang and is bored jumping my stuff at home.  She is manageable, but zooms around like she is in a jump off.  I can usually back her off by putting the jumps up but I don't see the point of jumping big until we get closer to a show.  For now it's just about keeping her schooled and fit.

Tank was absolutely perfect.  I hadn't jumped a course on him in awhile and he was so good and feels great.  I might just bring him along to the unrated show I am taking Ketel to in November.  We will see.  

I saved Ketel for last and really wished I had ridden him first.  He is sooooo slow.  My legs were so sore after riding him.  What a good boy though.  I actually don't think he was off the other night.  He wasn't wanting to move forward on the lunge and taking itty bitty steps so I think that's what I was seeing versus being off.  Regardless, though slow he felt great Saturday.  I hacked him in the draw reins and he is really starting to use himself with them.  Again this is the only aide I use with greenies as I can control the length and can immediately loosen them if needed.  My S.O. watched me ride him and said he thinks he's going to be a hunter.  Is it that obvious?  Then he asked what I'm going to do with him.  I don't do the hunters and really don't want to.  It's been about 2 years since I last had one.  I don't find hunters fun and hate riding anything I have to kick to go.  Ketel is still young so time will tell.  He has such a good brain, laid back, and no spook at such a young age.  It's only going to get better as he matures.  

This was after Ketel's bath on Saturday.  He no longer looks like a racehorse.

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  1. Saturday at the barn, riding your horses- sounds amazing and nope it doesn't get better!! :)