Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Rainy Week

It's been a rainy week so no riding for me the past few days. Which also means I didn't get my baseline for L. William's contest.  Fortunately the rain has stopped each night so the horses haven't missed their turn out.  Maybe they will be slightly sane when I finally do get to ride.

Poor Cotton has a case of runny stool.  Minis are little garbage disposals so I immediately treated him for sand.  That didn't clear it up so I started him on Probios.  Still not better so today I picked up some Panacur to do a power pack.  After that I am out of ideas and will call the vet.  Otherwise he is completely normal.  It's just gross and the poor guy is covered in it.  He got a good bath tonight and fingers crossed it goes away.

With the end of the show season around the corner on Nov 30th and indoors going on there aren't a whole lot of rated shows going on in my area.  My trainer is going to one about 5 hours away mid-November and I'm undecided.  I hate showing around the holidays and I have a bunch of company coming for Thanksgiving at my house.  However not showing isn't going to get me NAL points.  There are 2 rated shows in December.  Even though they are around Christmas they are close enough to me that I can make it a day trip and trailer in for the classic.  I hate to wait until December to show though...

It is supposed to be sunny tomorrow. Fingers crossed...


  1. Sorry the rain messed up your participation in the contest :( You can still 2point along with us, just not eligible for a prize.

  2. Hope the weather gets better so you can ride!!

    Oh show planning is always fun and a head ache!

    1. Thanks! Uhg, it sure is. I really don't want to go so far to show next month uhg