Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Birthday Boy

Luxxx is officially 3 today!!!  I talked to his breeder yesterday and he is going to send me some baby pictures of him.  Eeek!!   I.  Can. Not.  Wait.

Birthday boy has no idea what treats are so not sure what to spoil him with.  He is so adorable with peppermints.  He sucks on them then spits them out.  I pick it up and give it to him again.  He sucks on it some more then spits it out.  He hasn't figured out how to eat them.  So cute!


  1. Happy Birthday to the bouncing baby boy!!

  2. Ahhhh happy birthday sweet boy!! Grayson had no idea what to do with treats for the longest time, he has now mastered them lol!

  3. Happy Birthday you pretty jumping pony!