Thursday, February 13, 2014

Plan A

Okay.  I have a plan.  I don't want to reveal anything until it is 100% in place.  I'm superstitious and I'm scared I'm going to jinx it somehow (there is no plan b).  My fingers and toes are crossed and I am going to bust if I can't talk about it soon!

Monday I rode Poppy and lunged Tank.  Poppy was slightly up but she had a week off.  Tank was WILD on the lunge.  

Tuesday I rode Tank and lunged Ketel.  I slightly feared for my life since Tank hasn't been ridden in a couple weeks.  He jigged and cantered when I wanted him to trot but he eventually got it out of his system and worked nicely.  Ketel was a bat out of hell on the lunge line.  Seriously.  It was like his tail was on fire.  I think I will lunge him awhile before hopping back on.  

Wednesday is was gross and raining so no riding and the horses stayed in for the night.  I'm hoping it dried up enough to hack Poppy this evening.

I hope everyone is warm and safe with this terrible snow storm hitting the east coast.  Kiss your ponies and I hope to have good news soon!


  1. Excited for your master plan, I'll cross my toes too!
    I rode my out of work gelding for the first time in a wee while too the other day and there were moments of fearing for my life before he settled!

  2. Eeeek I am excited to hear the news!!!

    Sounds like the ponies are feeling good!! Henry has been up lately too- so kind of them! :)