Friday, April 18, 2014

Lesson #5 AND VIDEO!!!

I took Luxxx over to M's to work in the round pen.  I started by working him from the ground then M tied 2 feed bags to the saddle.  They flopped and went from side to side and Luxxx could not have cared less.  Woo hoo!  M said we would work on forward movement today.  Luxxx needs to improve on moving off our leg.  M got on and I finally got video!!

Then I got on.  As if it isn't bad enough to be on an unbroke 3 year old but I also seriously felt like a fish out of water in the western saddle.  I felt like I was flopping around and so loose!  M snapped a video.  It is blurry.  Iphone videos always come out blurry when you send them phone to phone.  But it is better than nothing.  And yes feel free to give me a hard time about not wearing a helmet.  I ALWAYS wear one at home.  My western friends don't wear them and for some reason when I am over there I don't either.  Tsk, tsk, shame on me.

He was really good.  Whoa is his favorite word.  He has brakes but we need steering before we venture out of the round pen and into the arena.

We have a forecast of rain for Friday and Saturday so likely no riding for me for a couple of days.  Hope you have a wonderful weekend and get in lots of riding!


  1. Yay for riding! And I will wag my finger once for not wearing your helmet! But I am admittedly a helmet-nazi, heh.

  2. Cool that you rode! I felt the same way when I rode western before.

  3. Woooooot!! Riding! Look at Mr cool pants Luxxx!

    I am a helmet advocate too but I never take mine with me places and I ride western at my bff's- not wearing it. I know it's bad but I seem to not wear one still, I wag my finger at myself.

  4. Man that guy has a quiet seat and leg! I feel really foreign in a western saddle too - can totally relate.