Wednesday, August 13, 2014


I should have taken bets yesterday to see if the Eventer would show.  If you thought no then you thought right.  She texted me and cancelled because she was tired.  I let her know I would not need her again.

I lunged L and he was so quiet and nice. I really thought hard about getting on but no one was home.  I have even offered to pay my teenage neighbor to come over to just be a body to call 911.  She's "thinking about it."  I'm starting to think either there is a money tree I don't know about and people no longer need to work or it's me.

I contacted another local trainer to come help and she was supposed to come Thursday but had to cancel.  She can't come again until Monday.  My friend K has an open stall at the barn where my trainer N works.  I might just send him up there. I am so frustrated right now my head might explode.

On another note, are you watching the live coverage of the Pre-Green Incentive Championship?  Trainer M (K's daughter) has 2 entries.  She finished top 10 yesterday on one and after this morning's round moved up.  She will ride that one in the finals tomorrow.  Her second ride on the other is later today.  Fingers crossed!!


  1. Oh that's so frustrating! Kids are so complacent these days, I don't think it's you. Good luck to your trainer!

  2. That is frustrating! Wish you lived nearby and I would help you out in a heartbeat.

    Am watching, and Derby finals at end of week too.

  3. *fingers crossed* PG Incentive was my dream for my horse but I lack funds and time, so dreamt a little smaller.

  4. How frustrating indeed, hope you can sort it out and/or fund a body to come make the call if necessary.
    Wish I was closer & could help out

  5. To many parents funding everything their kids want to do! I would have killed to "be a body" let alone get paid for it!!!

    Here's to you finding some people who won't flake on ya!!