Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Around the Barn

We had awful rain and thunderstorms last night so no riding for me.  I groomed all the horses, cleaned stalls, and fed.  And took pictures.  

How stinking cute is Cotton?  I just want to squeeze him.

Soot and Puff are terrified of lightning.  They consider my feed/tack room their safe place.

And then there is Buford who can sleep through anything.

Yes Luxxx is still rubbing his mane.  He does it on the edge of his window in his stall.  I have tried every horse product I can think of.  So frustrating!

It doesn't look so bad from the other side.  Baby is looking round!

Poppy needs her mane pulled this weekend.  Such the contrast from Baby L's mane.  And her diet doesn't appear to be working (I feel your pain girl).

More rain expected today :(

Puddles everywhere.  I forgot to snap a picture of Hobbs but if you look closely he's hanging his mug out the window.

Hopefully the rain lets up so the horses can go out tonight.  I hate when they don't get turnout.  I wish I had built a barn with walkouts.  With our horrible rain that would have been ideal.  Oh well, my next barn...


  1. cotton is so cute!! hope you get some sunshine to dry everything out pronto

  2. your mini is just adorable!

  3. I feel so bad for animals during thunder storms, I always wish I could explain to them that they don't need to be afraid.

  4. I'm going to steal Buford. It's very likely to happen... Cotton too.

    1. You can have them both! 2 less to feed! Poppy would miss Cotton, that's her turnout buddy :)

  5. Such cute pooches & ponies!
    Wish we could help the pets when there is thunder & lightning.

    Could you build runs for the walkouts? 12 of the stables at my yard have runs attached to them, I can share photos if you'd like...I think something like what they have at the yard could be achieved relatively easily

  6. Wahhh cotton you cute thing!
    Poppy I feel ya too girl!