Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Baby Who?

                Hi!  Remember me?

I feel like I haven't posted much about Baby Luxxx lately.  There hasn't been much to tell.  He's on a bit of a hiatus through no fault of his own.  Rain, horse shows, more rain, holidays, flu, etc are the factors to his 3 week break.  This past weekend I opted to lunge him versus riding.  I want to work him a few times on the lunge before riding him.  Reasons being in case he is wild and I don't want to get bucked off and also to ease him back into working.

It's definitely evident he is out of work.  My barn lady said while I was out of town he was "feeling good."  I have also had a couple rearing incidents again leading him in from the paddock.  Yesterday when he reared he got his legs caught around the lead rope (it was an impressive high ho Silver impression) so I had no choice but to let him go.  He then ran around the property like a maniac.  Dogs and Hobbs frozen in fear as it was 6 am and pitch dark.  His reward was to stand in his stall without his breakfast and cool down.  When I checked on him before work he was quiet so he got his breakfast.  He then got a lunge session when I got home from work.  Yesterday was apparently quite tiring for him as he was still snoozing this morning when I went down to the barn.  I also noticed a stream of tape down on his paddock divider that I get the pleasure of repairing when I get home.  This baby is going to be the death of me.

This week I also had to drop his bridle another hole.  He has lost his big belly and appears bigger so I think he's had a growth spurt.  Time to measure him again!

So baby will get some time on the lunge with side reins this week then hopefully I can get back on him this weekend.  Come on Daylight Savings time!!

I ordered these at the show and they finally arrived Friday, yay!


  1. Those stall signs are gorgeous. Hopefully cheeky Mr. Luxxx gets back in a schedule soon and gives you less drama.

  2. It's tough to be a baby, Luxxx would like you to know!!

  3. Oh babies. Hope he earns that fancy stall sign. It's beautiful!

    1. They says the toughest horses are the fiercest competitors. I sure hope so!

  4. Gorgeous! I love those fancy stall signs!

  5. nice stall plates!! hope there's more time in the new year for baby Luxxx - i miss hearing about his antics!

  6. Ahhh but that face?!

  7. Love the stall signs ♡♡♡
    Hope Mr Luxxx refunds his manners before he grows too much more, but that face though playing with the brush = adorbs