Friday, March 6, 2015

Friday Photos

The temperature has dropped 30 degrees from yesterday and is raining.  This makes me thankful to not be at the local show with baby Monster.

Due to today's lovely forecast I decided to hack Poppy last evening since everyone will likely get this evening off.  She was sassy and a tad full of herself.  Mare thinks she's awesome or something...

Being awesome means hacking, and circles, and bending are boring.  Such is life...

A wonderful example of why white breeches are awful.

I'm hoping the rain moves out tonight and I get some ride time in with baby.  I should probably clean out my trailer and unhook it to.  It's still sitting exactly where I left it Sunday night.  

I hope you northerners (and Texans) are unthawing and have a warmer weekend!


  1. Hope the weather clears up and ya'll can have a weekend jam packed of funsies & horsey + hoomin time

  2. Hmm... Methinks Poppy should feel awesome! She's one heck of a mare :-D

  3. great pics - your mare is pretty much amazing haha