Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Catch Up

It was a busy weekend so I am just now getting around to post about it.  On Saturday I trailered Poppy to Ocala to show her at RMI's A rated show.  She was such a sport getting up at 4:15 am to feed and bathe her.  I can't believe we were on the road by about 6:20 am.  Oh what we do for our love of horses!

I decided to drop her down to the low adult jumpers.  We had not shown in a couple of months and were just trailering in for the day.  Our first class went ok but definitely showed we were rusty.  Still came in 4th.  Our next class was MUCH better and we were 2nd place.  We have much to work on this week and will give it a go again next weekend.  Poppy is such a trooper.  She stood tied to my trailer munching on her hay while I watched my friends show and did some shopping at the tack stores.  I had to get the good pony a new halter.  Poor thing was so tired when we got home that as soon as she was turned out she rolled to get the clean off then settled in for a nap.

The horses got a few days off and I was back at riding today.  First I gave Poppy a good hack to start getting ready for the show.  We worked on moving forward and lengthening.  She did well so tomorrow we will incorporate that into some over fences work.

Next I rode Tank.  Poor guy hadn't been ridden in close to a week.  I expected wild but he surprisingly was pretty quiet.  A hack day for him too. 

I wish I had time to ride one more.  Instead Ketel had some ground work.  He stands quietly in the cross ties, picks up his feet, and stands still for fly spray.  He is so well behaved it just surprises me daily. 

Horses ridden and barn chores completed by 9pm.  I am starting to think that I have lost my mind having so many animals!

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