Wednesday, April 17, 2013


Today I wanted to incorporate the flat work of lengthening with Poppy into jumping.  I took a pole and place it about three and a half strides from a small vertical.  After flatting her and warming up over a couple of jumps I jumped the vertical to rail.  The first time I just rode it to see how it went and she nailed it in 3 1/2 strides.  Second time she landed and immediately put on the jets to get there in 3.  My frustration is that each time after that I kept getting in deep to the vertical.  I road to it every way possible and still saw the same deep distance which then made it hard to get out in 3 strides.  Even Poppy was getting annoyed which meant she has some serious tail swishing going on.  I ended by jumping a couple other things then finishing with this line and whoaing to fit 4 strides.  I wanted to end on a good note.  I think tomorrow I will just jump around and maybe come back to this Friday.

Getting home from work late just left me enough time to ride one.  I still pulled Ketel out and gave him some kisses and cleaned him up.  He is so sweet I just want to kiss on him every time I see him!

So I really need to get over today and leave it behind otherwise I will continue to miss which leads me to pulling all the way to the jump.  

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