Thursday, July 10, 2014

Tryon International Equestrian Center (Part Two)

Poppy seemed to settle in at the show without issue.  She was really pleased that there was no place for me to hang her slow feeder hay net so she could freely gorge on her hay.

I was scheduled to show in the 1.10m high adult jumpers Friday afternoon so I hacked Poppy early Friday morning.  I worked her in draw reins to work on softness, bending, and getting her loose. She was great.  We hacked in the very small jumper warm up area (my only complaint) and also in an empty ring they had behind one of the barns.  We showed about noon.  Friday was our power and speed class.  This means that if you are clean and within the time allowed during the power phase you can continue on in the course to the speed phase.  If not, you are buzzed out.  Fortunately my barn mate when before me and I got to see that the time was really tight.  

We jumped clean through the power phase and I had her flying in the speed phase.  I went for it to the last jump and was just a bit flat and strung out so she pulled a rail.  Good enough for 7th though.  I was still thrilled with her for walking into a ring she's never been in, construction going on everywhere, and she jumped around 1.10m without batting an eye.

I just did one class Friday.  It was July 4th so at the end of the day we hurried back to the house to shower and go celebrate.

Saturday my class went early.  This time it was in the Grand Prix ring.  It was a table IIb so we had a first round then a jump off.  This ring was a bit intimidating with spectator seating on both sides.  When I walked in the ring I let her see as there were jumps on the rail and I didn't want her to get surprised by the people.  I showed her the liver pool as well which was under a big oxer on the rail (fence 3).  For whatever reason she always rears when I show her the liver pool.

I had a rail in round 1, want to guess which jump??  The liver pool. My trainer says I spooked at it lol!  I saw a long distance and thought it was too risky so I pulled to a chip.  Oops.  She was great though.  She jumped around fantastic and was very rideable.

So adorable

We finished showing Saturday about noon.  This left me time to go shopping....oh and did I shop... I may or may not have bought myself a new pair of Parlanti boots.  Stay tuned for a review...

We decided to go relax at the river for the rest of the afternoon.  So much fun stuff to do there!

Next I will update you on my last day of showing and my trip home.


  1. Poppy girl is just the cutest. Great job with those two rounds!

  2. What a cool horse. More photos of the facility too? You're like a spy on the inside. ;-)

  3. Congrats on good rounds! Poppy is the best <3

  4. Love that face in the first pic!! Haha mom I can eat as much as I want :)

    Great job on Fri and Sat!! :)