Thursday, June 2, 2016

Life is Good If You're Moo

I brought you up to speed on Poppy and Luxxx but they aren't the only fourleggeds in my life.  The puppy (Panda aka KungMooPanda aka Moo) has pretty much taken over the place.  If you follow me on Instagram (luvjumperlife) you have probably figured this out.

Yes.  It's a puppy in a parka...

Not spoiled at all
The look on Puff's face sums up her feelings on the puppy.

I swear puppy isn't an only child

There are no words to describe how much I miss Nugget but this little guy has me smitten.  He is learning to ride in the car or truck and be a horse show pup.  It is so important to socialize chihuahuas so the horse shows have been perfect.  He gets played with and handled all day and he eats up every moment of it.

Tomorrow I take Luxxx to the local show. Updates on that soon...


  1. I've seen your IG videos of Moo and they're SO STINKIN CUTE! He's adorable, congrats on the new addition :) Looking forward to seeing much more of him!

  2. Your IG is always awesome & Moo is such a little superstar! He deff has buckets of personality and will have the rule of the roost in no time ;-)

    GL @ the show with Luxxx, I hope you have fun & learn lots together.

  3. Thank you! He is so fun!
    Ready or not we will be showing!

  4. I love Panda!! He is way too cute for his own good... LOL

  5. Omg those sunglasses!!!! Too cute! Good luck at the show ;)

  6. Those ears! What a cutie pie! I need one