Sunday, June 23, 2013

Rainy Weather Blues

Living in FL I am used to the passing rain showers we frequently get in the summer time, but this year has been a little much.  This week we have had rain every evening. It seems to time itself perfectly for when I get home from work.  So not much riding for me this week.  

This week I finally gelded Cotton my mini pony.  

He turned 4 years old this week so it was a little past due!  He got his wolf teeth out and will also be a solid citizen as a gelding.  Not that he was ever anything else but there is no reason to have another stallion in this world.

I did get to work Ketel on the lunge line one evening.  I decided to throw him for a loop and put some little barrels out.  I do this sort of thing in my jump pasture too.  Whatever stuff I can find that might spook my horses I put it out.  It helps desensitize them especially in the sport of show jumping where there is no schooling in the ring prior to showing.  Currently I have some huge tires out there that I occasionally move around.  Anyway, back to Ketel.  As soon as he saw the barrels he danced around and snorted.  But what I love about him is he is so curious.  Instead of running away he ran to them to investigate.
What a good boy!

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