Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Finding Your Unicorn

One of the things I like about working with babies or really any project horse is seeing their development.  It can be tough though to look at that awkward horse and see the potential.  No different than say house shopping.  You look at the foundation.  Is the conformation good (forgiving growth spurts that may have them butt high)?  Are the feet good?  Their mind (forgiving greenness)?  Do they have a nice broad shoulder?  Movement?  Especially the walk.  A horse should have a fantastic walk.  You have to see the potential.

                    Feb 2014
This is Luxxx the day I looked at him as a coming 3yo.  He lived outside in a herd so he was wooly and unkempt looking.  He had great feet and bone structure, a nice wide shoulder, and beautiful movement.  Oh and a walk to die for.  He could also do this.

And he did this with minimal effort.  

Here is a picture of his sire.  He is 17 yo in this photo at an inspection last year.  Photo credit Victoria DeMore Photography.

Buying babies and project horses is never a guarantee.  It is one thing to jump  through a jump chute it is another to jump 15 jumps in a stadium or large arena with distractions.  I felt there was enough things I liked and I took the gamble.  It's horses, it's always a gamble. 

This was April 2014.  A short 2 months after I bought him and you can already see changes.

June 2014.  Filling out and developing muscle.

January 2015.  Is this the same horse?

April 2015. Dapples for days and the big powerhouse booty has arrived.

October 2015.  Just take a look back at the very first picture.  Would you have imagined this?

April 2016.

Sometimes the gamble goes your way...


  1. It's crazy to see the changes he's made in such a short amount of time. I still swoon over his dapples <3

  2. Holy smokes he is becoming such a beefcake, you are doing great work with him!!!

  3. I feel like 3 can also be such an awkward age for warmblood babies. He's looking amazing now! Looks like you picked a good one.

  4. Such a handsome guy! Can't wait to see how he does with you :-)

  5. He looks fantastic! And so much like his sire

  6. Just... wow. Incredible. AND THOSE DAPPLES OMG.

  7. Regular progress pictures are awesome! I love seeing those of other people. Here are mine, for Bird... http://imgur.com/a/dFEQH

  8. I keep trying to imagine what my guy will look like! Got a few years to go