Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Babies Horse Showing

Friday I took off from work and took Luxxx and M's pinto mare over to the show.  It was a local unrated one day show.   Perfect for these guys, they can go over the day before and school and get used to the environment.  I actually think these shows are waaay more scary than the rated shows I go to.  Things are a bit unorganized and hectic and you have have some inexperienced riders and spectators that haven't learned horse show etiquette.  For instance allowing small children to run screaming up and down the bleachers (this sent Luxxx into a rear, fortunately I was leading him and not on him).

Friday Luxxx schooled in the small indoor like a champ!  I had trainer N ride him.  Here is their video despite it unfortunately being hard to see..

First time jumping (or stepping over) under saddle!!  He is adorbs!! 

M's mare was great!  I showed her in the 2ft jumpers on Saturday.  My friend videoed and took pictures so I am waiting for those but I have a couple to share.

Not a flattering angle...

Nice elbows...

I wanted to show her in the 2'3 but the ring was taking forever and I got impatient.  I'm proud of her though.  She marched right around and jumped all the jumps.  Even with the children squealing and climbing in the railing as we jumped the outside line.  I was bad and didn't stick around to see our placings.  I really didn't care though, she was a good girl.  

Next show is with Ms. Poppy in 2 weeks!


  1. Aw, what a fun weekend! I'm in love with that pinto mare <3

  2. way to go Luxxx and pinto mare - glad you had fun!!

  3. So glad all went well and the babies got their feet wet in a show situation.
    They both look fab & sounds like they handled it really well.
    Onwards and upwards :)