Friday, June 24, 2016

Finding Motivation

Since I don't have any upcoming shows on the books I am having a hard time finding motivation to ride.  With Poppy it is more about keeping her fit.  She is pretty broke at this point and sure I know there is always something to improve on but without a goal i.e. a show looming I just feel meh about riding.  

Maybe she feels meh too

Typically I take what I need to work on from a show and focus on that in between each show.  So right now I'm hacking and popping over a few jumps here and there.  But just not very motivated.

You would think the new jumps would motivate me but nah.  There's a thought...maybe I need to make a fun new course.  Ideas?

There are always things to work on with Luxxx.  His next show is in September so this gives us plenty of time to develop him more.  Also he has only been to one horse show venue.  Eventually I do want to introduce him to the world of rated shows.  I'm not sure when that is for him.  We changed his bit at the last show so I made him up a new bridle last night and put the three ring on it with a figure 8 noseband.  I only the second ring so I would prefer a 2 ring happy mouth.  I need to get one of those.  If you have one you want to sell let me know.  I just lunged him in it last night with side reins.  Maybe I will feel motivated to ride him today.  Although with a forecast of 97 today and 98 Saturday maybe not...


  1. The heat is killer. I'm putting in a new arena and I only managed to put in two t-posts to section off the area. I need to round up the whole section so I can work up the dirt

  2. Heat & horses don't always mix in my experience. On paper it's perfect, spending time outside in the fresh air but then when you pencil in the flies, lack of shade, trousers, helmet & boots needed to ride add in the sweat that produces at the thought and riding during the summer loses its appeal for me and I don't live in a crazy hot place!
    Have you anywhere shaded you can hack them so you can all chill out together? I love going into the woods for a stroll when the heat makes arena riding seriously unappetising

  3. ooo new jumps :D I would be motivated by those (but I'm pretty motivated right now with no means lol)