Thursday, May 8, 2014

Ride #8

It's been pretty boring around my barn.  That's actually a good thing but not exciting to blog about.  We finally have a show on our calendar.  I will be taking Poppy to an A show in Ocala the weekend of May 30th.  We haven't showed since HITS March 1st.  I am working on getting her in shape and adjusting to the heat.  In FL we go from cool to hot.  No in between.  My farrier M also says she is too fat.  I guess her diet isn't working.

I have cut her feed some more and I need to amp up her work schedule.  It's not healthy for her joints to be stressed with extra weight.  Especially for jumping.

Also note the poop stain on her eye.  Why?  How is it comfortable to sleep in that??

I took Luxxx to M's last evening.  It had been 2 weeks.  We had lots of rain last week so he didn't get worked at all.  As expected he was wild.  M had a 2 yo "hunter to be" there for training that was doing some time tying and kept whinnying to Luxxx.  He thought that was exciting and ran more.  What I love is that he eventually settles and gets tired and focuses.  Yes, there is a bottom.  Even still I made M get on first.  He likes to give me a hard time for my wimpyness and tried to convince me Luxxx is broke.  Ummm not by my standards yet buddy.  M worked him in the round pen, figure 8's, starting, stopping and he was great.  I got on and walked.  He really didn't need to work more but I need to get comfortable  with getting on him.  We turned, stopped, started, etc.  His steering is improving and he is the best at stopping.  I was a chatty Kathy and didn't snap photos.

YHS also announced where finals will be held.  Luxxx is qualified however it would be an 8 hour trip for me.  Something to think about...


  1. You would think horses would get conjunctivitis or something!

  2. It must be chubby horse season!! I have cut back Henry's diet and he isn't getting any leaner!!! I know I can't ride him right now but I am still working him in the round pen and bitting harness!

    Yay for baby boy getting to go to your trainers and you getting on him!

  3. I wish I could get my horse that fat! Hope you can go to YHS finals :)