Friday, April 3, 2015

TOABH: Introspection

What would your horse change about you?

Poppy would probably ask that I make decisions earlier to the jumps.  Something like "can you please not decide to whoa at the last minute so I have to pull a magic trick out of my ass to jump clean?"

I posted this photo recently and as usual Poppy looks great.  The reality of this jump is I had a really bad distance to it.  She covered it amazingly.  So I think she'd ask me to make my decision earlier just as my trainer preaches to me. She would also tell me to feed her more. Well she really does tell me this every evening as she gobbles up her 1/4 scoop of grain and proceeds to bang on her feed bucket.  I'm trying to keep the Marshmallow's roundness under control...

Luxxx would probably have a list of things to change around the barn but maybe not so much about me specifically yet as he is at the beginning of our riding journey. He likes to be ridden but I think just for the attention.  He might ask "can we just park and not work?  Maybe watch the dogs play, that's my favoritest."  So that's probably it, he would ask me for more attention and stop telling him no.  I do feel like on the ground I am always telling him no or correcting him.  So I am working on spending more time giving kisses and petting so all our interactions aren't "work."

That face though...


  1. my mare would agree w Poppy on both points - asking me to please stop pulling to the fence and moar food alllll the time!! but seriously, tho that pic is fabulous! i both kinda love/hate it when we get a great photo from a jump that i know was kinda awful...

  2. Hahaha I feel like I am forever chastising my older horse, but she refuses to learn so what can I do *pout*
    She does get plenty love when she does things right though, so maybe she has conned me into loving on her more that way ;-)