Friday, June 17, 2016

Planning and Planning to Not Plan

Right now as far as the horses go I don't really have any plans.  The baby horse was not something I had planned for this year.  I have been trying to recoup from a very expensive year and that is simply not a necessity.  When presented with the opportunity to do the embryo transfer with Poppy I thought about it a lot.  I knew my friend wanted a foal for next year and I just figured I would freeze the embryo that would be mine until another year.  Friend then asked if we could implant both embryos in surrogates and I agreed.  Let's face it.  I'm not getting any younger.  I am not sure how much longer I want to be caring for horses and a farm.  I already feel like I am getting too old to be dealing with the shenanigans of baby horses.  I am a year away from these babies being on the ground.  Then 3 years from breaking mine.  So 6 years from now it would be hopefully consistent and showing.  6 years!  So although timing isn't great I am also running out of time.

I don't have any shows on the books right now.  I might take Poppy to a rated show with trainer over the summer.  I might not.  I'm not planning anything for now...we will just see.  I am riding and jumping Poppy so when I do decide to go show she will be ready.  She is doing great.

As for Luxxx he recently did several local shows to add some mileage to his repertoire.  I will continue to work on his training and development this summer and return to the local shows with him this fall.


  1. Resources (time, money, etc.) are always finite and it's tough to decide what you should spend them on.

  2. The timeline is definitely a good point!

  3. Having plans can be good, but enjoying our time with the horses on a day to day basis is the be all & end all for me. If that stops being fun I am in trouble!

  4. I'm with ya on planning not to plan right now. It's hard for my control-freak self, but in a way somewhat of a relief.