Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Yay for no rain!

I got a good ride in on Poppy yesterday before the rain came.  I am still trying out the new bit I bought her and decided it's not working.  It is a loose ring, 3 jointed, and has a ball in the middle.  It reminded me of a Waterford which she likes so I gave it a whirl.  I feel like I am riding her in a hackamore with this bit.  In it she is hard mouthed, pulls, and ignores any half halting etc.  Sooooo today I tried a slow twist.  It's a bit different than the one I've tried before with her.  It's a bit more narrow.  We just hacked today but she did well with it.  I worked on cantering small circles with her today.  This helps with tighter turning in jump offs.  She can over bend and lose momentum so we worked in keeping the circle tight with enough outside leg to keep her from bowing and maintain forward momentum.  She did awesome.

I finally got to ride Tank.  I felt bad, just as I pulled him out to ride him last night it started raining.  He was a really good boy.  I popped him over a few jumps and he was so good.

I'm hoping to ride Ketel tomorrow.  I just pulled him out to brush tonight.  He has gotten so much better about standing in the cross ties.  He stands quietly now and doesn't paw.  I am trying to curry him daily to get his coat back.  He is going through the let down phase from the track.  So his body is adjusting to the change in diet and not galloping 2 miles a day 6 days a week. So he's in the ugly duckling phase, if you will. But I think he's still adorable.

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