Sunday, April 28, 2013

I Cantered Ketel!!!

I didn't get a chance to write last night but I have to share...I cantered Ketel yesterday!  He has a beautiful canter.  It was tough to keep him going but it's a start.  He was soo good.  I ride him in a small pasture I have to keep things "in control" if need be.  After I rode him I walked him out to my jump field where I ride my other horses.  This was his first time out there.  There is alot to look at but he did great.  He didn't bat an eye at some tires I set out to spook the horses.  I try to put as much stuff as I can out there to desensitize them.  The only thing he looked hard at was the liverpool.  He doesn't really spook, he looks hard and then his curiosity makes him want to get a closer look.  I love that about him.  I then got off and walked then trotted him over some poles.  I also walked him along the front of out property along the fence line.  I like to cool the horses out there.  He handled it all well.  I am so proud of him. 

I also rode Poppy and Tank and they were super too.  I haven't jumped Tank much lately so I did some course work with him at about 3'3.  He was perfect.  This is what I love about him, he is so tuned and knows his job.  It's nice to have a horse like that when you have greenies. 

Sunday the horses have off so I can get my house work done.  It looks like rain all week so hopefully I can get some riding in.  I am taking Poppy to a local show on Saturday to get some practice in.  So here is hoping for a rain free week!

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