Tuesday, August 13, 2013


I am bummed.  Tonight I scratched Ketel from the dressage show on Saturday that I was planning to use as a great low key introduction to showing for him.  I decided to scratch him because he is being naughty.  The big question looming over me is why.  Is he not feeling well or is he being a brat? 

It started over a week ago when he started bucking with me anytime I asking him to go forward.  I spent several days working on this and we had good moments but anytime would let him walk to catch his breath then ask to pick up the trot again more head tossing and buck threats.  I went back to lunging him for a few days.  Then when I tried riding again he reared.  Twice.  Like hang on to the neck for dear life and pray he doesn't fall back rearing.  WTH?  So I called my friend who is "the cowboy" who people send their naughty horses to.  He agreed to get on him but also noted that Ketel is an OTTB and when you get them home and feed them good they change so I may have to cut my losses with him (his words, not mine).    I will refrane from getting on my soapbox on how untrue this is.  That will be another blog...

So I was never given an answer of when he could get on him and soon the weekend came and went.  In the meantime my mind is spinning.  I got a hold of a chiropractor to come evaluate him Sat.  I lunged him last night and he was great.  But I still keep wondering what the problem could be?

I have read and read and thought so hard my head hurts.  Feed issue (He switched from T&A to Peanut)?  Ulcers?  Back soreness?  Teeth?  So chiropractor is coming out Saturday.  His appetite is good, he is gaining weight, his coat is shiny so I wasn't even considering ulcers.  But I read an article today that said sometimes their whole body will be shiny but not their chest.  So I freak out because his chest is dull and not shiny (am I losing my mind or what???).  So I call my vet.  Yes it could be the hay change, yes is could be ulcers, and yes it could be that he needs a chiro.  After much discussion we decide to try him on some ulcer meds and see how he responds.  I will pick up meds tomorrow.  He's been off the peanut since Sunday so I decided to see how he rode tonight and rule that out.  I got on and as soon as I asked him to pick up the trot he tried to go up again.  Same thing any time I asked him to trot.  Even with no leg and just verbal cues. 

I can't get a refund for my entries this late so I am going to take Tank.  I am just disappointed.  The whole point of going to this show was for Ketel.  I feel like a a let down since I couldn't work him through this..  


  1. Hmm, well for me the first thing to do is rule out a physical problem. I think it's good that you are trying the ulcer meds and the chiropractor first. I'll be interested to hear what they say!

    On a side note, does he only do this under saddle while you are on him, or does he also do this when you lunge him and ask him to go forward?

    1. I always first rule out anything physical. Horses generally are not "bad" by nature and mostly want to please so it is important to figure out where the naughty behavior is stemming from. I will doing another entry to update where I am with him. Yes, it whenever asked to go forward whether on the lunge or under saddle.