Saturday, August 3, 2013


So I finally was able to teach my mom how to upload a video to Youtube.  So, thought I would share my Classic round from the Tryon horse show in July on Poppy.  Here is the first round,

Here is our jump off.  We finished 3rd.
Next show for Poppy will be later in August.  After I got back from showing I made time for the other horses.  I figured Ketel would be a maniac after having over a week off.  I put him on the lunge line and well here's a video of the wild man,
I just entered him in a dressage show in a couple weeks.  I heard the shows are very low key and calm so I thought it would be a good intro for him to horse showing.  We are just doing intro a and b so hopefully it will be simple and easy for him.


  1. Oh cool, which dressage show are you going to?

  2. North Florida Dressage Association's schooling show. It's in Green Cove Springs.