Friday, March 14, 2014

Baby's First Lesson

Last evening I took baby Luxxx to my friend M's for his first lesson.  I was so intently watching and asking questions that I forgot to photograph or video.  M started by putting a rope halter on Luxxx and telling me to purchase one as he has learned to sit back and break out now. Luxxx had to stand tied for awhile.  He at first objected and then changed his mind.  Next he got the saddle on (western).  Not much reaction to that.  M even stood in the stirrups a few times and he was good.  Then they started the round pen work.  Luxxx had the usually baby behavior of a couple bucks and some kicking out.  M says he needs to learn respect and I am to give him NO TREATS.  Then M tied a feed bag around the saddle.  At first no reaction then Luxxx thought he should try to outrun it.  That got tiring so he gave up.  M said that's a good sign.  Last he did some more tying and M actually sat on him for a few minutes.

Baby was good.  We will do this a few times a week to get him started.  So exciting!  M is a good friend and my farrier.  Fortunately he also lives just down the road.  He breaks and trains horses and his wife competes in barrel racing.  While I was there he had me get on one of his mares and gave me a quick lesson.

So fun!  Have a great weekend and hope you get in lots of pony time!!


  1. Yes, No Treats. Wish my horse was never fed a treat. ugh.

    1. I do treats as a reward. All Poppy wants after a clean round is a carrot . Not such a bad request but with babies you have to be careful not to over indulge!

  2. I love treats so that would be hard for me, but sounds like a great start to his education.

  3. So exciting to get Luxxx started!!

  4. Sounds like a great first lesson! Can't wait to see it all unfold with him!

  5. Just found your blog from shemovedtotexas' blog, although i see you participated in L's 7 deadly sins blog many wonderful blogs to discover! I'm looking forward to catching up as best I can and getting to "know" your lovely horses!
    Best of luck with the Baby, saw your pics from YHS - he is a smasher!