Monday, March 24, 2014

Spring is Here least for the weekend it was.  It was a beautiful sunny and warm weekend.  Friday I had a great hack on Poppy and jumped a couple little jumps.  Saturday I jumped her a bit bigger. She doesn't need much schooling over the fences so I only did one course.  I prefer to keep her fit and tuned by hacking and working over poles.

Luxxx had some swelling on one of his hocks due to Thursday's wash rack incident.  I decided to put him on the lunge and see if he was lame.  He wasn't.  He worked great on the lunge and listened well to all my commands.  I could just watch him all day.  All three of his gates are lovely.  I can't wait until he is going under saddle to feel his canter.  He was nice and sweaty so here we go with the wash rack again.  I held his lead rope versus putting him on the cross ties and worked with him slowly.  He was really good.  The work also brought down the swelling in his hock.  There's no heat and he's not lame so the swelling is likely from the scrapes.  Husband came over to lend a hand so he held Luxxx while I treated his scrapes.  They were cute.  Luxxx was sniffing him all over and very politely standing quietly.  I am so pleased with him.

I made a video of his free jumping.  No new videos but just a compilation of them.


  1. Glad he wasn't lame from the boo boo.

  2. Glad he's learning so quickly!

  3. He's so cute!

    Glad he is no worse for the wear from the horse eating water/hose :)

  4. Sounds so sweet interacting with the hubby.
    Hope spring lasts for you guys, we had two fab weeks but are forecast more snow :'(