Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Day From Hell

It started last night when I was writing the last few sentences of a post and suddenly my page went blank.  Poof, gone!  Then this morning I found Luxxx had taken down part of the fence in his pasture.  He seemed fine and I assumed it happened because my hot wire is not working for some reason.  So admist my crazy busy day at work I did some quick research and discovered that solar fence chargers STILL have a battery.  I went to several places and finally found the battery I needed.  Work continues to be extremenly stressfull so I was dreading coming home to have to do fence repair.  In the rain nonetheless.  Got home and found that the battery I bought was not correct.  I also took a better look at the fence and found Luxxx had almost ripped out a post and it was pretty damaged.  I dropped everything and ran out to Tractor Supply before they closed.  The correct battery and a new post later I got home and got the charger and fence repaired.  I examined Luxxx and he had cuts all over his back legs and they were swollen.  I believe he must have rolled too close to the fence last night and got caught in it.  There wasn't any blood on his cuts so that's why I probably didn't notice this morning (plus it is dark when I bring the horses in).  My vet happens to be coming out in the morning for Spring vaccinations so I will have her take a look at him.

Due to all of the above I did not ride this evening.  I did last night though and Poppy was really good.  Since I am not showing until next month I need to think of some exercises to do with her to keep things interesting.  Maybe some gymnastics.

I also lunged Luxxx in the chambon.  I think he is relaxing in the chambon and in turn moving better.  I did discover that I do not like the chambon for lunging.  Here is the video and see if you can tell why.  Ignore the ugly saddle, it is an extra one I have.  It's great for babies in case they should decide to naughty and I don't have to fear for my saddle's life.

This one is of the other direction and some cantering.

Ok what I don't like about the chambon for the lunge line is that when he puts his head down he could possibly step on the chambon.  You probably heard me squawk at him to discourage him from putting his head too far down.  I don't want to discourage him from stretching down but I also don't want him getting hurt so I think I will stick to side reins.    For sake of comparison here is the video from the other day. 

What do you think, any diffence in his movement from the first time in the chambon (last video) or the other two videos?


  1. He definitely seems to be more relaxed the second time around, and moving more freely. But I don't blame you for being worried that he might step on the lines!

  2. I think blogger ate my comment... but sorry you had a shitty day!

  3. Ugh when it rains it poors!! Hope that everything smoothes out :)

    I def think he is moving way better in the second outing :) Totally squealed a little myself when he put his head down hoping he wouldn't step on the line! lol