Friday, April 25, 2014

Lessons #6 & 7

Wednesday I took Luxxx over to M's.  He was a little full of himself and looky as I worked him in the round pen.  When he relaxed I got on and practiced steering and turning at the walk.  M then got on to "lope."  Luxxx wasn't wanting to move off his leg so he got after him by using those long western reins as a crop.  Luxxx gave a couple mini bucks but responded and moved forward.  M stresses that at this point it is important to teach forward.  When you ask them to go they should go not argue and balk.  With babies we are setting the tone for future behavior.  M also has him stop and back a few steps before quitting.  He's getting good at this.  To finish up M took him out to the arena and walked him around.  He stayed relaxed and just took everything in and seemed unbothered.

Thursday M offered for me to bring him by again so I did.  I'm getting better at tacking up with the western saddle.  I need help with the cinch though.  Why is that strap thing so long???  I got on him first and did some jogging.  I think my flopping around in the western saddle is getting worse instead of better.  On a positive note Luxxx is super tolerant.  Here is video evidence of the flopping.  I didn't know I was being recorded (M's son was being sneaky).
Then M got on and loped, practiced turns, stopping etc.  We have a ways to go but one day it will just click with him and we will be hacking in the arena in no time.

On a side note M and I were talking about a famous Quarter Horse from the 70's or 80's that did Grand Prixs.  Threes and Sevens is the only one I can think of but I know there is another.  Do you remember?

I plan to ride Poppy tonight and this weekend.  I feel like she has been left out this week.  I also need to finish body clipping Cotton.  I will take pictures of the finished product.  Who doesn't love mini pony pictures?