Friday, June 13, 2014

VC Blog Hop: Fess Up To Your Mistakes

Today I am gonna fess up to one of my horse care mistakes. Will you Fess up to yours?

Back in March I took Luxxx to the YHS show, just 2 weeks after I bought him.  He had to be braided (see pretty pictures here  YHS show).  The braider said some pieces of his mane were thin so she used some hair spray to make the wispy pieces stay in place.  She told me to make sure to wash his mane at the end of the day.  Well this was the longest show everrrrr which I did not anticipate so I did not make arrangements for someone to take care of my horses at home.  I left the show late, drove 2 hours home, had horses to feed, stalls to clean, and get up and go to work in the morning.  Needless to say his mane did not get washed.  I'm lucky he even got unbraided.  

I came home from work the next day and he had rubbed his mane.  Crap.  I washed his mane at that point.  But it hasn't stopped and it's getting worse.  He hardly has any mane left.  I have washed, used MTG, used fungus sprays, creams, and EVERYTHING I can think of.  3 months later he still rubs his mane.  Believe me, I have learned my lesson!  But I beg you, if you have any suggestions to make this stop and grow his mane back, I am all ears!


  1. Hmm... where does he rub it? Any chance you can put up something soft there so he can't rub it out?

    I had good luck with MTG and leaving it ALONE. Too much washing can make it dry. I've also had luck with Listerine and Water.

    Finally, and this is gonna sound crazy, but Miles had some bald patches that appeared at his girth line towards the end of winter. My mom bought him African hair product (I forget the name, but it was a light green gel). I put that on ONCE and voila. Problem solved.

    It was kind of sticky, and I had to wash it out the next day... but if you're desperate, you might try it.

    1. Thank you I will try this! He rubs in on the corner of his stall window.