Tuesday, June 17, 2014


All afternoon yesterday I kept getting thunderstorm warnings on my phone and it stormed pretty bad at work.  I was pleasantly surprised to get home and find it had not rained there so riding was still a go.  For once it rained everywhere by my house, score!  But...it was sweltering hot.  Even hacking Poppy at 6pm she was sweating just walking out to the jump field (aka my front yard).  I decided to just keep it a light hack due to this.  To keep things interesting I did some counter cantering and added a pole.  I love this as we tend to over use poles for lead changes so our horses think this is what we want.  First time over she swapped.  I halted, picked up the counter canter again, and tried the pole again.  Her light bulb went off and she kept her lead.  Big pats and I let her be done.  I love this mare!!

Next up I worked Baby L on the lunge with side reins.  I decided I needed to also make sure I was being more directive with him.  Only ask for things one time.  It took popping him just once to get my point across that I will only ask once.  I didn't work him long either as it was hot and he was being good.  

Another incident free morning of leading him in from the paddock too!

I leave 2 weeks from Thursday to show in NC.  I am freaking a little.  Seven hour drive hauling my most prized possession works my nerves.  Blowing 2 trailer tires on the way up last year doesn't help either....


  1. Good boy Luxxx! Keep those feetsies on the ground :)

  2. Weather is so weird! Glad you got a ride in and some good work with Luxxx!

    Happy thoughts about the traveling for the show :)

  3. Yikes best of luck with the NC haul!

    Sounds like a fab evening working with the ponios, my work had been mental too & pony time has been pretty non-existant. I feel ya on grown-up work problems.

    Long may the dry weather hold & plenty saddle time for you and Poppy plus good work from Luxxx