Monday, March 10, 2014

HITS Photo

It came!  It came!!  Here is the photo from last Saturday's High Adult Jumper Classic at HITS.

And then I played with it on Instagram...

I spent Saturday with Luxxx.  3 hours, 2 broken halters, some body slamming and dragging later he has a pulled mane, clipped muzzle and ears, and a bath.  I have never been so exhausted in my life. Too tired and sore to even get on Poppy.  Baby is big so when he didn't approve of something he went flying back and with me holding the lead rope I went flying.  Fortunately he always eventually gave in. This is important.  Despite the tantrums and bad behavior at first he always relented.  I was really surprised at his reaction to the bath.  Has he really never had a bath???  He was not good about pulling his mane which means the end result is a too short mane.  He wouldn't stand still for me to get it even so I kept pulling.  Then the next day he rubbed his mane so it's now really short.  As a jumper rider I don't like super short manes.  Oh well, it will grow.

The husband took me to dinner after all that and listened to me recap about baby and that I am getting too old for baby behavior.  His simple response was "I'm not worried about that one, he's going to be really nice."  I sure hope he's right.

Tomorrow baby and I are off to the YHS show.  I hope I can get him bathed and loaded in the trailer by 6am.  By myself.  Loading, I have a feeling, it going to be a challenge!  If we get loaded and make it there I hope to have lots of photos and video to share!


  1. Awesome shot!! Hope things improve with the baby, yikes.

    1. It will. Just part of owning an unbroken 3 yo :)

  2. Good luck at the show! I agree with your husband, he's going to be very nice :)

  3. Good luck with baby tomorrow. The picture of you is awesome!

  4. Oh beautiful picture!! You both look awesome!

    Sounds like the dinner out was well earned! haha.. and I love that your hubby has no worries! I agree you have a nice baby! :)

  5. Poppy looks OLYMPIC in that photo!! Good luck at the show with baby!

  6. Ugh know the pain... literal. I think my baby has given me whiplash. 9 months later and he stands almost still for a bath. ugh. On the other hand though you and Poppy look amazing!

  7. You guys look awesome! And oh boy, baby needs to learn some manners before you get hurt. Of course it'll all be worth it in the end, and you look back at time like this and think, "Man hes come so far" :-)