Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Horses Make it Better

It feels like a whirlwind from about mid January.  From all the winter shows, to getting Luxxx, and issues at work.  I look back to a month ago and I was so completely stressed.  To the point of not sleeping or eating.  Just pulling in my driveway and seeing Poppy stick her head out her window, ears perked, and looking at me makes all the stress go away.  Horses make it better.

I am having a rough go of things at work right now.  Of course things I can't discuss on here but the sort of things that make jobs which require zero human contact appealing.  On the other hand I am so thankful.  I still can't believe everything worked out with Luxxx.  I never would have dream that whole scenario happening.  I miss Tank every day though and have resisted the urge to ask about him.  Sometimes not knowing is better if that makes sense?  

Yesterday was blustery and 80% chance of rain so I figured riding was going to be a wash.  It hadn't started yet when I got home so I hurriedly got Poppy tacked up.  Probably due to the wind and temperature drop she had a big hump in her back and she kept trying to buck.  Maybe I should have been frustrated but she was feeling good and this made me happy.  To have the luxury of forgetting the world and riding your horse is like nothing else.  Somehow horses always make it better.

This is Luxxx eating his bran mash on Sunday evening.  He is such a ham.


  1. Horses are best medicine ... especially after work! My work has been overwhelming too- i feel ya girl!

    Omg Luxxx loves his mash! Too cute!

  2. Hang in there! I understand your frustration -- work has been tough for me too lately.