Monday, November 18, 2013

Bubble Wrapping the Baby

Friday was hell day at work and add rainy conditions and horrible traffic to my drive home and you have a frustrated me with a migraine.  To make things even worse, when I got home and went to the barn I found Ketel with a swollen back leg with bad cuts and scrapes on his other legs.  I could see marks on the back wall of his stall so I am guessing he got cast.  The cuts aren't deep enough to need stitches but are ouchy.  One is where his skin and hoof meet so that one is in an awful spot.  The swelling was likely due to the cuts.  He is also sore in his front left shoulder.  As of today the swelling is gone but he is still off on the front left.  He's not "broken bone lame" but definitely some head bobbing.  I'm going to give him a few more days and if there is no improvement I will have the vet out.  My guess is he probably pulled something in that shoulder trying to get up.  Tank did this once too (in a 14x14 stall mind you) and it was a week before his shoulder was 100%.

Sleepy Ketel

Tank and Poppy worked great over the weekend.  It had been awhile since I jumped them and they were up but were both good.  This is why I love the jumpers, a little wild is just fine :) Our weather has been low 80s so they were nice and sweaty after their work outs.  I typically don't clip Tank.  He doesn't get wooly and when clipped he turns an awful burnt orange color.  Poppy on the other hand is a wooly bear.  I want to drag it out until just before our winter rated show circuit in January.  I really hate body clipping... I have 2 rated shows in December so I'm hoping no one notices how fluffy she is...

I think she looks like a pony is this picture


  1. She does look like a pony! and hoping that he gets better soon.

  2. She looks like an adorable pony! Hope your babycakes recovers quickly.

  3. Hope Ketel feel better!

    I want a gray pony! lol :)

    1. Thank you! Everyone wants a grey pony until you have one and realize they are never clean :)