Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Here's to Another Year!

I'm embracing getting older.  I can't stop it so why whine and bitch about it?  I feel better and maybe even look better than when I was in my twenties and would never want to go back.  You reach a point where you have this self confidence  based on all your life experiences and you stop giving a shit.  Finally...I've reached that pivotal point in life where I don't care what other's think of me and its a grand feeling.

So being my birthday and being horse obsessed I wouldn't dream of going and buying MYSELF something fancy.  Nope, I splurged on Poppy.  She has a hand-me-down Baker sheet and blanket from Hobbs which she used for shows.  I saw a great deal online for a custom trim and piping set.  Not my first choice of color for the trim, but I think she will look beautiful.

Poppy's Baker set can now be passed down to Ketel.  Even though she is short, she is a beefcake so they currently wear the same size.

I will forgo riding this evening for a dinner date with my S.O. to my favorite restaurant.  Yummmm!

A quick update on the ponies.  Ketel was still off last night but seemed a bit better this morning.  No swelling or heat anywhere.  The dentist came out yesterday and did Tank and Poppy.  He said Cotton should wait until he has all his permanent teeth, Ketel was done in September, and Hobbs at almost 25 doesn't have much left to float.  After all that I hacked Poppy.  Considering it was cold, windy, and getting dark she was perfect.  Even though it was sort of a boring ride, I just LOVE riding her.  I always feel  such a high afterward.  It was late so Tank got a lunge which he celebrated with snorting and leaping.  Hopefully I will get to ride him tomorrow.

What are the chances a barn fairy visits me and I get out of barn chores for the day???  Not holding my breath but sometimes I can convince S.O. to help with turning out and filling water buckets. Fingers crossed...


  1. Happy Birthday! It's my belief you are only as old as you feel!

  2. Happy Birthday!!

    Where did you find the killer deal on the bakers?! Do tell :)

    1. Thanks! At a place called I Sell Tack. This was a custom order that I would assume someone didn't pay it something happened so she wanted to unload it. They are opening a Baker outlet store in CT. Like the FB page, they said they will have deals on Black Friday and you can purchase online!!!!

  3. Happy Birthday! I hope the barn fairy visits you :)