Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Hunter Princess Blog Hop- Expand Your Inner Princess

What would you do/change if you had no limits on your inner princess?

What this should really say is if your wallet had no limits.  That's what my inner princess would require.

I would start by purchasing the lot next door so I could build an all weather arena and have more pasture space.

Oh wait.  We said no limits.  Lets
Go all out...

Now I could ride in any weather, day or night.  Next I would get my horses a new ride.  I'm thinking air ride, head to head, lots of space.

Next we need custom drapes, more trunks, custom bridle racks, saddle racks, gas golf cart in my barn colors, the whole shebang.  Everything pristine and matching for the horse shows. 

Staff.  I need staff.  I'd have a private trainer, grooms, and a barn manager at home.  My days of stall cleaning and driving to get feed and hay would be over!

Horses.  Of course I would need more horses!  A derby horse, a Grand Prix horse, maybe even an A/O hunter.  And everyone would have custom matching blankets, sheets, coolers, and scrims.  And custom Antares saddles for each horse (love mine).  Hmmmm I've always wondered what a custom Voltaire saddle was like...

Then we would hit the horse shows!  I would show the FL circuit all winter and spring then up north for summer then indoors.  

Ahhhh, it's awesome to dream...


  1. I love dreaming. Also, your future covered is gorgeous. :-D

    1. I could have gone on and on. I've played this scenario in my head way too many times :)

  2. That's cool! I love the indoor, and who doesn't want lots of horses that you can show at Grand Prix level?

  3. yes please!! I want one of what everyone else says :)