Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Adventures with Pool Floaties

Saturday morning husband and I went out for an early breakfast.  As we were finishing up I got a text from trainer N telling me I should get some spooky props to decorate my jumps to prepare Poppy for the Classic at HITS.  Off to Walmart we went.

I had also heard that the new Grand Prix ring has large plastic pink flamingos in it. I'm in Florida, how hard can it be to find those?  This became a mission for the husband.  He was having so much fun with it that I started to wonder was he being a supportive partner or did the idea of spooking my horse while I'm trying to jump sound fun?  I decided some things are best not answered...

This is what happens when you call a husband in for help.  I picked out the plastic flower pots which I planned to put upside down or stack.  He picked out the blow up pool items.  A blow up crab baby pool.  I am soooo going to get lawn darted...

Three stores later and we found the pink flamingos.

Say hello to my little friend.

She was sooooo good!  Didn't even bat an eye at the duck or flamingos. A little wiggly over the flower pot jump (which I forgot to take a picture of).  I hadn't jumped her in a few weeks and since the crab pool is huge I decided to save it for Sunday and jump bigger.

Unfortunately I live in the swamp state.   This was Sunday...

Tanks's old stall is now pool floatie storage.

Monday was still too wet to jump so I put the floaties in a paddock and hacked around them.  The horses didn't go out Sunday night due to the rain so Poppy was great even after being stalled so long.  I was hoping to get Luxxx out to groom but the stalled baby was really anxious to get out!  More on him in a bit...

2 more days until we leave for HITS!!


  1. Absolutly brillant I am headed to a CVS or WalMart if I can!

    1. Walmart has lots of cheap stuff! The pots were inexpensive yet really dressed up the jump!

  2. The pink one with the open mouth is hilarious. Love this!

  3. I got 4 plastic Halloween pumpkins at WalMart last year for jump decoration. Now I want the flamingos!

  4. OMG I would shit my pants trying to jump some of that stuff! But... I'm a convicted weenie amateur, haha