Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Horse Show Picture

So I have run into some issues with my plan.  It is stressing me out more than I can put into words.  I am trying to remain calm and not let this get me down but it is...

On a better note I just got the picture I ordered from Winter Series.  It is not a pretty pic but I thought Poppy looked so cute I just HAD to get it.

Get it Poppy!!!  1.10m


  1. Great picture! Sorry there's a bump in the plan, keep your head up it'll be okay :)

  2. She looks super cute. all tucked uip!

  3. That face!
    So cute!!

    If you're plan falls apart, it's so a better plan can fall into place. Remember that :)

  4. Ah Poppy is a doll!! You can tell she loves her job!

    Here's to your plan working out and things falling into place!

    1. She really does love jumping. I need to get more video of her so y'all can see her cute tail swishing when she jumps!