Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Tryon or Bust

I know. I reverted back into the quiet abyss. I'm off from work today and had a minute to post an update. I am excitedly packing to get ready to leave for Tryon, NC in the wee hours of the morning to go horse show. It is a long 7 hour trek but I hope it will be worth it. We have a tropical storm brewing off the east coast so I am crossing my fingers and toes that it goes away! I've gone to this show a few times over the years and it is fabulous. This year it is at a new facility and I'm not sure if I am excited or disappointed. The old facility had history. The new one is...well just watch.

They literally just finished the barns and rings.  The rest is still under construction.  I will give you the down low when I get there though!

I will be showing Poppy in the High Adult Jumpers Friday and Saturday and the NAL Adult Jumper Classic Sunday if all goes as planned.  I will take any positive vibes for a safe journey and no rain that I can get!

Have a wonderful rest of the week and I will try to update from the show if I have any service.


  1. It'll likely be busy, but make sure go to side street!

  2. Let me know how it is! I think it could go either way from seriously cool t seriously over the top/trying too hard.

  3. You MUST take lots and lots of pictures!!

  4. Oh my goodness so jelly. Were heading to Fox Lea next weekend, but you'll have to let us know how it is, and how the surrounding area is. Might be looking into a move to that area lol

  5. Wowza, what a set up they are aiming for!