Thursday, July 24, 2014

Lesson With The Eventer

Last evening the eventer came to evaluate Luxxx.  She started out by lunging him and teaching him voice commands (uh oh M says no voice commands).  He was bratty baby a few times and definitely showed his poor attention span but he tried hard.

Next she got on and had me keep him on the lunge.  He was quick at first but soon relaxed and was a slug.  Every time  she asked him to stop he immediate listened.  

Last she had me take him off the lunge and she walked him around in a serpentine.  He was calm and didn't do anything silly so we let him be done.  Overall I was really happy with him.  

She said she liked him and thinks that working him at least 4 days a week between M and her should have him where I will feel comfortable getting on.  She plans to come ride again on Saturday.  

I am hoping to get to M's today.  He will work Luxxx and I will work a young warmblood prospect he bought and has been breaking.  I am not a fan of paints but she is super sweet!  I think she will make a cute jumper and might show her next month.  Anyone looking for a new horse???


  1. Oh love that pinto warmblood! Wish I could have a second :)

  2. So is so cute! I would take her in a heartbeat if I could have another!!