Wednesday, July 23, 2014

VC Blog Hop: Chock Full of Advice

What is the best advice you've ever received from a Trainer or another rider? What is the worse advice you've received from a Trainer or another rider? 

The first time I rode Hobbs my trainer at the time told me not to try and change him.  She said he goes the way he goes, he knows his job and does it well.  I would need to adjust my riding style to him.  Very few people were able to ride him successfully due to this.  I listened to her and Hobbs and I had a successful career.  I learned to apply this to other horses though.  Why do we have to change them to fit the way we want to ride?  We should be adjusting our style to what makes them happy and brings out the best in our horse.

I have been thinking about this and nothing in particular stands out.  I have things I don't agree with that my trainer has said such as a horse's breeding doesn't matter. Or we may disagree on a horse ie she told me not to buy Poppy.  But I can't really think of worst advice. I can think way way back to my days of boarding and disagreed with BO's on horse care.  Advice is just part of this industry.  You ask 5 people the same question you get 5 answers.  You educate yourself and you make the best decision you can.  If it doesn't have the best outcome you learn from it for next time.


  1. Loving this blog hop question, hope to get my answers up tomorrow

  2. Really like your answer for 'worst'. I completely agree.

  3. I really like your worst answer about 5 ppl will give you 5 answers- so true!