Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Product Review: Huntley Equestrian Half Chaps

A lady who I have shown with for many years has started a company called Huntley Equestrian.  They are in the beginning stages, but she is putting out some very nice products.  I decided to try their leather half chaps.  I currently have a pair of tredsteps that I can't stand.  They don't fit my chicken legs well and are baggy in the ankles.  I like a tight fit in my half chaps and tall boots.  Before going for custom half chaps I thought I would try on the ones by Huntley Equestrian.
Here is their description of them.

"Ultra soft, imported Brazilian full grain leather provides an immediate custom fit along with flexibility and stability. Huntley's half chap design focuses on delivering a custom tall boot look with the convenience of easy on and off access of half chaps. The top line was carefully designed to reflect a "Tall" look near the knee by using a high-cut profile. The outer stretch panel is made of genuine nylon elastic to provide a closely contoured, snug fit. Reinforced inner leg is double layered with genuine suede leather lining for maximum grip and durability. Features include Outside YKK heavy duty black zipper that zips from bottom to top, Snap tabs at the top to reinforce the snug fit, Upper swagger tab and metal pendant, Imported Brazilian full grain leather contoured skirt over the instep, 3 ply thread used for all stitching."

Price: $129

They come in this nice bag.

When I tried them on they appeared a little drape like at the bottom as I put them on.  I think due to the thinner leather and being stiff and new.  However they really did have a lovely, comfortable fit for being off the shelf.  I liked how soft the leather was and the thinner leather allowed a snugger fit.  I ended up needing a size small, extra tall.  I am 5'7 so I would say these run maybe a tad big.  

I rode in them last night and was very happy.  They are already dropping so they no longer have that drape look.

- Comfort
- Tall, sleek look
- Reasonably priced
- Soft leather
- Spanish style top

- The zipper starting at the bottom.  I have to get used to that.
- A bit big on me at the knee, but again I have chicken legs.  

Overall I am happy with them and would recommend them to others.  I am anxious to see their longevity, but have no reason to doubt that they won't last.  They are as close as you are going to get to custom half chaps and at a much cheaper cost than customs.

I got mine from a local shop that's carrying them.  Huntley is building their website so for now you can purchase them and some other items of theirs on Amazon.  Just search Huntley Equestrian.  They also have a Facebook page.  Go check them out and support a small business!


  1. Sounds good, my Tredstep gaiters are barely hanging on by a thread after nearly three years of daily abuse. I'm toying with the idea of upgrading to field boots but may be swayed to support new business ☺

    1. I toyed with getting cheap field boots but my paddock boots are still good so I gave these a whirl!

  2. Love how these look and am a big Amazon fan, but I can't find a size chart?

    1. I just asked her to send me a size chart. You can also Facebook her.

  3. Great review - I hope you post follow up pics and comments after using them for a few weeks. =)

  4. Love supporting small businesses!!

  5. lovely chaps - glad you like them! also very cool personal connection with the shop.

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