Monday, December 1, 2014

Like a Blur

The past couple weeks seem to have blurred by.  From the passing of a friend in our equestrian community to Thanksgiving.  It all feels like it has run together.  Here's the latest.

I have lights and can ride at night now!  Then we got 4 inches of rain and it was too wet to ride.

Ogilvy jumper half pad arrived!!!



Luxxx can now unbuckle his new Baker sheet and pull it off over his head.  He needs to work on this routine since he ripped the 1 week old sheet in the process.

Doesn't pull off her clothing therefore making her #1pony.

Thanksgiving happened and my days off from work were filled with in-law obligations instead of riding.

Recipe to get through in-law obligations (the middle bottle of wine was terrible by the way).

So one holiday down, one more to go.  Hopefully some riding in there and possibly a show.  


  1. Bad Luxxx! Hopefully he figures out that he likes to be warm and keeps his blankies on...

  2. Ponies who keep their clothes on are better but the naked ponies are kind of intriguining. trying to find ways they can't houdini.

  3. yay for arena lights and holiday wine :) and boo to naughty sheet-ripping ponies...

  4. Yay for lovely looking half pad & lights. Boo to rain & obligations eating into horsey time and of course naughty sheet tearing youngsters. Houdini's make life interesting to say the least

  5. I _love_ your Ogilvy colors. Too classy!

  6. Great color choices on your jumper pad! Also, I love Poppys sheet!