Thursday, February 12, 2015

HITS Week IV (part 2)

I realized after my last post I forgot to tell you that despite that ride on Saturday I came in 6th place!  Only 4 people jumped clean!  We were the second fastest four faulter.

I was excited for Sunday and to try to smooth out my riding.  Sunday was the NAL Adult Jumper Classic.  We were 5th in the order of go with an 8am start.  I don't do well with classes that early.  I like time to learn my course, walk it, tack up, etc.  Fortunately a friend was able to bring Poppy to the ring for me to give me time to walk the course.  In my self created chaos I forgot to snap a photo of my course.  It was a pretty technical course with many options.  It also had a really wideLiverpool.  Trainer N and I came up with a plan and I got to watch a couple before I went in the ring.  Lines were tight so I saw a lot of rails.  This is when having a small adjustable horse is nice.  Here is our first round (we jumped clean).

It was an "a" option only so I had to jump off at the end.  That meant going back to the barn for an hour.  I was 3rd in the order to jump off.  15 made the jump off.  I don't have a video of the jump off.  In one spot I forgot where I was going for a moment and lost time.  We were clean and good enough for 5th!!!  Yay!!  And a $225 check.  Double yay!

Overall I was extremely happy with Poppy.  I couldn't have asked her to be any better.  I love that little grey mare!  3 more weeks and we go back to HITS!  

This weekend I am taking baby Luxxx to a local show to school and hang out.  No rest for the weary!


  1. Ya'll are killing it even with the Saturday hiccups. Nice winnings too, Princess Poppy is rocking the pink satin - although to be fair she would rock ALL colours ☺
    I hope Luxxx & you have a fun day out this weekend

  2. Congrats!! You both look great!

  3. Go Poppy! She looks stellar -- congrats on conquering a challenging course!!

  4. wooo hooo - congrats for being in the ribbons AND the money! you two look great out there!

  5. Congrats!!!! Love that jumping picture of you two! Picture perfect. :)

  6. Congrats! I love watching you and Poppy!