Monday, February 16, 2015

Local Show and Baby

Friday I loaded up the baby Monster (his new nickname, seems fitting) and hauled him to a local unrated show to play show pony.  Since he has hardly been ridden I had no plans to show him but wanted to take advantage of an inexpensive show where he could school, spend the night, and take in all the sights and sounds of a horse show.

He loaded fairly easily (he's easily bribed with cookies.  "Nah I don't want to walk on that thing.  Ohhhhh you have a cookie?  Okay!"  Then proceeded to paw and scream.  He needs to work on his standing on the trailer skills.  The pawing and screaming is annoying.  Then while I was getting his stall ready there were sounds coming from the trailer that sounded like it was not going to be left in one piece.  Am I making a case for the monster nickname yet?

He settled in fine.  Friend next to him and a hay net full of hay and he was happy.  I lunged him before getting on.  That was uneventful until a pony came in the ring and he did his best Arabian stud impression.  The pony wasn't impressed and eventually Luxxx went back to being a quiet baby Monster.  I took him for a walk around the rings and once I felt confident he wasn't going to kill me I got on.  He was good and unphased about people hacking around him.  Since I ride alone at home this is something he isn't used to.  He was completely unresponsive to my leg to the right (I later realized I failed to put my right spur on) and as usual I felt like I was working much harder that he was.  If someone wanted to talk he was like "yay let's stand!"  The consensus from friends was that he will make a nice hunter.  That's better than "maybe he should do dressage" but hunter isn't what I bought him to be.  No worries though, it's still to early to know what baby Monster wants to be.  

Trainer N rode him both Friday and Saturday which gave me a chance to video and also see him from the ground. 

Saturday was cold and very windy so I was rather proud of him.  I also had to lunge him way out in this field on Saturday where we park the trailers.  It's spooky for even the seasoned horses.  I seriously had visions of him freaking out, getting away from me, and running down the nearby road.  I had gloves on and a death grip on the lunge line.

Overall it was a good experience for him. He just needs time under saddle.  As the days are getting longer that should happen soon.

On a side note, BOTH of my zippers blew out of my Dehner paddock boots.  I may get them replaced or just buy new boots.   I have used Dehners for probably 15 years and am considering something less expensive (they are $279).  Other than Ariats, what do you recommend?


  1. Well... if he does decide to be a hunter, you can always send him to ME! I love him <3

  2. aw he looks adorable! glad he's figuring it all out slowly but surely :)

  3. I think it's a compliment if a young horse could be a hunter, because it means they are showing lots of signs of having a brain!


  4. So Luxxifer shows up when left on the trailer for what he thinks is too long, but i am super glad he was such a good boy for the schooling & sleep over ☺
    I haven't managed to watch this video (yet) but i loved the one you shared on insta. He was so matter of fact about all the horses in the ring with bi, such a good boy. My older may would prob have lost her mind...and that wasn't even a busy paddock ring - and that is another reason we don't show :-/

  5. One of my best friends in the world has a very successful jumper who is as quiet as a mouse. He's clicking right on up the levels. Not sure where he'll top out, but his quiet nature won't be the limitation on his skill, that's for sure.

    You might know him, actually-- G-Man. Dorrie Eisenberg rides him, in training with Ian Sillitch. I've hacked him down the road in a halter past the sheep pastures. He's the best. If Dorrie ever loses her mind and sells him, I'll sell my damn car to buy him if I have to.

    1. When Poppy was green she was super slow. First show the ring crew was clucking to move us along! We had time faults the first year and a half. As she got confident she developed a motor. This could be the same for him. He just has such beautiful gates it's easy to look at him as a hunter.