Thursday, February 19, 2015

Mini Nugget Update

Last week I posted about my beloved chihuahua, Mini Nugget, getting diagnosed with canine cushings.  It was a rough week for me and of course Nugget too.  She went through the testing for 2 days to one determine the issue then a second time to specifically test for cushings.  After feeling like the breath was knocked out of me because i was convinced she's dying, I am learning that dogs can live with cushings.

My husband gave me Nugget for Valentine's Day when we were dating.  I had just lost my corgi.  Nugget was the first puppy I ever had and she was from my S.O. so was special.  She's also not your typical chihuahua. She is not snappy or yappy.  She is always happy and loves everyone.  At that time I was boarding my horse (yes once upon a time I only owned one) so I brought her to the barn daily for the kids to play with. She was very socialized from the start.  She goes everywhere with me.  Nugget is my co-pilot to horse shows, she loves the boat, she tags along anywhere she can.  Small dogs are easy that way.  If she sees my truck hooked up to the trailer she bounces around in excitement and stalks me until we leave.  I can't not take her to a show.  She makes sure of it.

Even if it's cold.

One time I left her home because the weather was miserable.  I won't do that again.  People were mad at me.  They missed seeing her.  During this recent ordeal my mother has reminded me she's not just my dog.  She's everyone's.  So many people adore Nugget.

Dogs not allowed at the hotel?  What dog?  

I have to go ride at the show?  Not a problem...
Don't mind me, I'll just sleep in my bed here until you return from showing.
Have bed, will travel...

She doesn't run off at the shows.  She stays on the golf cart, or in the truck if it's cold).  But just in case, you will always notice her pink leash attached.  She's perfectly well behaved which means people usually ask if they can watch her too.

As her owner I owe it to her to help her feel better.  
I've changed her food to all organic vegetables and meat.  No more processed foods.  I eventually hope to make all of our dogs' food but I'm starting slowly with these changes.  This week Nugget is starting on meds for cushings.  I hope to try some herbs and holistic treatments and try to reduce or eliminate the need for western medicine. There is so much info out there that it is overwhelming.

Husband is struggling with her symptoms.  She drinks an excessive amount of water therefore urinates constantly which means she is having accidents.  To him this means she is ruining our wood floors.  I'm working with her on using the pee pads and trying to teach him to help let her out more.  It's a struggle.

I cannot imagine driving my truck and trailer without her next to me or being at a show without her, or really anything without her.  It's inevitable one day but at only 10yo I wasn't thinking it would be this soon.

I appreciate your kind words on my initial post on Nugget.  I hope to have some good news soon and I am sure in no time I will be an expert on canine cushings (I never knew before this that dogs could get it).  Or at least the crazy chihuahua lady that spends more money feeding her ten pound dog than herself.


  1. Hope she starts to feel more like herself soon & that everyone (animal + human) all become accustomed to the dietary changes.

  2. She sounds like a dog anybody would be very very lucky to have. I hope the medicine and diet change helps her and you have several more happy years together!

  3. I know a lot of dogs that live very happily with cushings! You're doing all the right things :) Don't get too sad yet.

  4. I am sure Nugget will adapt to her new lifestyle in no time! There are lots of indoor pee options if you need them -- like faux grass patches and pee pads and the sort. Here's to many more years together. :)

  5. Aww mini nugget!!! I'm glad to hear you've found some strategies to help her. She sounds awesome.

    This might sound crazy, but when my elderly pug got incontinent in her old age, we put diapers on her. I know that sounds nuts, but she was happy and comfortable, and we had no more accidents in the house. I'm not sure if you could find a diaper small enough for a chihuahua, though. Might be worth a search.

  6. It is truly amazing what one finds on the internet!

  7. Nugget is so stinking adorable (those pics with the ribbons on her collar!!) - wishing you the best of luck in managing her illness and lifestyle!

  8. She is just too cute!! And such a great little show dog. :) Fingers crossed she starts feeling better ASAP.