Wednesday, March 25, 2015

HITS Million

Monday was the HITS Million in Ocala to wrap up the HITS circuit.  It was a gross rainy day and after intensely studying the radar all day I decided to go with some friends (and Nugget of course).  With this line up, how could I not go watch.

At big equestrian events like this we instantly become squealy little girls (toting wine).  Oohing, ahhing, and looking out for our idols.  McLain Ward and Quentin Judge sat diagnal from us watching the first few rounds.  

It was a huge, tough course.  Jumps were 1.60-1.65m.  HUGE!  Lots of rails, some stops, etc.  Several elected to voluntarily excuse themselves.  Those riders deserved a round of applause.  At this level they are not out there to school.  If they were struggling on course or having a bunch of rails, they elected to pull up and save their horse for another day.  This wasn't their day and that's ok. Bravo!

Sadly Beezie and Simon had a rail as well as Rich and Flexible.  I was really excited to see Flexible out there at age 19 and killing it.  One cheap rail at the end.  I was also excited to see my favorite horse from last year, Ammeretto.  He's a 15.2 dark bay and I love him because he's 15.2 and sails over these jumps.  It wasn't his day though and he had multiple rails.  6 returned for a fun jump off.  McLain set a blazing speed on Rothchild then Charlie Jayne came in on Chill RZ and took a LONG distance to a blue vertical and and beat McLain's time to win.  It was amazing.

It was a great time and I am so glad I went.  Even from the stands the jumps looked ginormous.  It made me realize how itty bitty the jumps I jump are.  I can't imagine jumping something that big.  I've worked my whole riding life to move up to the A/O Jumpers and that looks terrifying enough!  So the first time I go show in the A/O Jumpers and think the jumps look monstrous I will remind myself of the jumps at The Million.  

What about you, would you ever want to jump 1.60/1.65m?


  1. Nope. Nope. NOPE. If I make it to 1.0m I'll be thrilled. Saw the Jayne's JO... it was intense!

  2. I would definitely want to jump 1.6m! So fun :)
    Love, love, love Flexible. Anytime I can watch pros like that compete in person is enjoyable, I'm sure you guys (and your wine) had fun!

  3. What fun!! So cool that you have access to events like that.

    No HELLZ TO THE NO on 1.6.

  4. I would love to have the bottle to jump those jumps but don't. Totes admire those that do *clap*

  5. hahahaha i have to pep talk myself to jump 2'6".... lol... sounds like a great time tho!! kinda love Rothchild's sassy buck at the end

    1. Same here! LOL. I'll be lucky to ever jump 3'3", much less freaking 1.60m!!!

  6. I'd go under them.. Jump over them, heck no lol ;)

    Jealous you are close enough to go watch!!

  7. Maybe with my eyes closed. And I'd try not to vomit afterwords lol