Tuesday, March 3, 2015

HITS Week VII (Part 1)

We are back and we survived HITS!  In true Florida style (they call it the sunshine state but really it is the swamp state) we had a deluge of rain the night before we left.  I got a late start to the show as usual.  I won't get into why but it involves getting stuck in the mud, my four wheel drive not engaging, wheel rolling off my manure cart, etc.  We finally made it to the show Thursday afternoon.  I unloaded, unpacked, set up, & hacked.  

Friday was cooler (for Florida) but no rain so I will take what I can get.  We did the High Adult Jumpers (1.10-1.15m).  It was a straight speed round.  I was using it as my schooling round so although I tried to be efficient with my turns I didn't push the speed and wanted a nice school. 

We were clean but not fast enough for a ribbon.  Perfectly fine, we accomplished our goal of a nice school.

Saturday was cool with an off and on drizzle all day.  That always makes it hard to motivate myself to show.  On the positive side it also kept me from wandering around the vendors.  I got lucky and the rain held off for our class.  we did the High Adult Jumpers again.

This course seemed simple and twisty.  Simple was probably the illusion the course designer wanted so people get sloppy and bypass the technical questions.  4ab was a simple one stride vertical to vertical.  In the jump off this same combination was used but backwards (13ab).  Because it appeared simple it was easy to get there too flat which is exactly what I did in the jump off.  I got there deep and flat and punched the top rail.  We finished with 4 faults but it was also a good learning round.  Poppy is jumping amazing and confidently so I need to move forward out of my turns and move up to the jumps instead of pulling.  Got it.  We were out of the ribbons but again, she was great and I just need to tune my jumps offs so I am giving her the optimal ride.

Gimme my peppermint or I eat your face!

Next up, Sunday's NAL Classic!


  1. I just want to say that I always love your show reports where you specifically ride some classes for schooling vs ribbon. I think it's really easy to adopt a 'turn and burn' win win win mentality for the jumpers and posts like this remind me to keep that in check.

    1. I consider my classes leading up to the classic schooling. I try to specifically tweak certain things. I don't care about ribbons, heck I don't even pick them up most of the time. My goal is to try to be in the money in the classic.

  2. congrats on having some nice rides, even if they didn't win the class - sounds like Poppy is doing so well and happy! can't wait to read about the classic!

  3. What great pictures! I love the jump shot, but the last one is just amazing.

  4. I love that last picture ... that totally should get its own caption contest in a magazine & win yourself and your fab photog friend some notoriety. Poppy is already a Popstar so her notoriety is set in stone.
    Sounds like fab learning rounds and as others have said - gorgeous pictures.
    I'm looking forward to the next update ☺

  5. I love how you always try to learn a little bit each round, to improve upon the next. I do the same thing, but it's interesting to hear it from your perspective.

    Also, Poppy's face in that last picture is epic. I love her.